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20-22.Nov., 2019 Lahore,Pakistan 中文
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Why Exhibit?

Pakistan is an Agro based economy where agriculture accounts for 21% in her GDP. Agrochemicals have contributed significantly in raising agricultural yield. Pakistan annually imports about 80,000 tons of pesticides. Pesticide import value reached US $ 215 million in 2013. Unprecedented importance has been laid to agriculture development in the overall development plan by Pakistan government, stating in 2017 the Government imported pesticides amount will reach USD$ 250 million, which will significantly boost the demand of agrochemicals and equipments.
Who would Participate?
Officials from Various Government, Semi Government , Private Enterprises and field farmers would visit the exhibition which would be highlighted by leading Electronic and Print Media to give further hype to the summit.
Pesticides and Seeds:
During CAC Pakistan the manufacturers/suppliers would have an opportunity for a B2B meeting with importers of Pesticides having an average import Qty of 35,000MT of Pesticides with an average value of USD 140 Million, this value is likely to grow up further to USD 250Million in coming two-three years because of the 
special focus of Government on Agriculture.  In addition to this many field farmers would also be visiting having an cropped area of 22.4Million Hectares.
Apart from Pesticides, Pakistan is a big market for Hybrid Seed as well. Where more than 200 companies are dealing in the various Hybrid seed business. Following is a little bird eye view of about 3 Major Crops dealing in Hybrid Seeds.

Rice: Total Cropped Area 42,000MT
Available Seed Qty 30,000 MT
Required Seed Qty 12,000 MT

Maize: Total Cropped Area 32,000MT
Available Seed Qty 8,000 MT
Required Seed Qty 24,000 MT

Cotton: Total Cropped Area 40,000MT
Available Seed Qty 5,000MT
Required Seed Qty 35,000MT

Micronutrients & Fertilizer:
All crops are required micronutrients but currently only 10-15% of Micronutrients is used by farmers which is much below to its required usage. This creates a big market opportunities for various fertilizers like Zinc Sulphate 33%G, Fulvic Acid , Amino Acid, Gibralic Acid, NPK compound and Control Release Fertilizer. Control Release Fertilizer (CRF) is a new product we found during CAC Shanghai and believe that there can be a big market of it in Pakistan.
Agriculture Machinery :
Since Pakistan is an Agriculture market therefore a big scope is also available for the Agriculture Machineries. Currently only 10-15% crops are being harvested by machines while balance is done using the traditional way i.e. manual harvesting. Pakistani Government intends to bring a fully mechanized Harvesting system in Pakistan which means more and more Machineries would be required for harvesting instead of manual way. This machinery requirement would create a possible market opportunity for the Manufacturers dealing in Agriculture machineries.
Solar tube well:
Because of the energy shortage and increased prices of available energy in Pakistan many farmers are inclined to opt for the Solar tube wells rather than traditional tube well.  Pakistani Government is providing huge subsidiary to encourage farmers to convert their traditional tube well system into Solar ones.  Farmers are looking for the good quality and experienced manufacturers from china and world around for this purpose.


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